• Comprehensive solutions for fire detection and suppression
  • From basic systems to the most sophisticated remotely-controlled automated systems containing thousands of endpoint addresses (detectors, buttons, etc.)
  • More than 25 years of experience in industry, public buildings and the security sector; installation, service and maintenance nationwide
  • Pyrotechnix is certified to all relevant professional standards:
  • the Israeli standard | FM and UL standards | quality systems management certification ISO 9000-2000 | Israeli NFPA25-1928 standard for sprinkler systems maintenance | Israeli Standard 1220 Chap. 11 certification for fire detection and suppression

Ultra-fast fire detection

Ultra-fast fire detection and extinguishing systems designed for high-risk sites, which are characterized by short response times and unique operating methods.

Fire detection and alarm

From relatively simple detector systems to smart, large-scale complex remote controlled systems, containing thousands of endpoint addresses (detectors, buttons, etc.).

Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems for industry and public buildings designed with dedicated computer software and made from advanced materials using cutting-edge technology. Connecting and preparing of the piping is done using new methods that minimize damage to structures.

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